When A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Submitted 4 years ago
Connelly M.
Connelly M.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary School
Essex MD, US
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My Take

I truly appreciate this application's practicality and constructive use in the classroom. This is an excellent tool for teachers to use to introduce reading analysis and comprehension to any student who struggles in areas of decoding or understanding when reading texts. News-2-You helps me as a teacher better serve their needs in the classroom by giving them a chance to visually dissect images that tell the same narrative story with the same content as a written article would. In this way, my students (or any student) have the chance to interact with both the content they are learning in my social studies classroom but also engage and practice reading news articles and current events to understand their larger purpose and meaning. However, this application may not be practical or feasible for every teacher in every classroom because of its limited age scope and proficiency levels. Likewise, the expense may not be something that every teacher or every student can spare.

How I Use It

This application is a wonderful way to offer your students, particularly your students with a reading or learning disability, a way to aid or augment their experience in the classroom. This tool was so helpful for those of my students who were at a lower level of proficiency for reading and reading comprehension to expand their literacy skills. Because this application retells and depicts articles and global news in the form of sequences of images to decode, it allows for my students with dyslexia or decoding issues to be able to gain experience and practice their reading skills. This app also gives them the chance to interact with current events in a way that they will be able to dissect and evaluate more easily. However, this app has a more limited functionality - the age range made this only helpful for my middle school sections and their is no related option for my high school classes.