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English Language Arts, Social Studies

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Differentiation, Evaluating Media, Instructional Design, Media Literacy, Special Needs

Price: Paid
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Pros: Easy-to-understand symbols and voice options maximize accessibility.

Cons: Landing page and menu navigation could be better. Articles lack some critical thinking.

Bottom Line: This a pricey tool but it's packed with a school year's worth of curiosity-building content and handy accessibility features.

Students can read the News2you stories alone, with their own unique voice options, reading preferences, and literacy level. Or teachers can read (and project) the stories to the entire class, repeating words, phrases, or main ideas that may be new or difficult. Discuss the articles together afterward, or allow students to work through the supplemental materials such as jokes and questions individually, according to what interests them. There are lots of teacher supports, including detailed lesson plans, learning extension packages, and offline assessment tools.

The recipes can be a great idea for a classroom-wide activity, and the jokes (along with their symbolic explanations) can help spark discussions about double meanings in words and other quirks in the English language that may be difficult for some kids to conceptualize. Sudoku and other puzzles are also good individual, quiet-time classroom activities for students.

News2you is a newspaper for students with autism and other disabilities that's available on the web. News2you incorporates the symbol system SymbolStix (also used in Proloquo2Go), along with voice narration. A new edition arrives in the online library for every week of the typical U.S. school year, and it covers popular current events topics such as movies, sports, holidays, and environmental issues, many of which are aligned with Common Core standards. In addition to the articles, you'll find recipes, jokes, games, puzzles, related comprehension questions, and more. An annual license costs $239.99. With that license, teachers can download, print, and distribute copies of content. Free trials are available by request.

The first page of each edition appears with a headline and an article in symbols and words. Tap the headline and see the words highlighted and underlined as they're spoken, or press the Play tab at the bottom of the screen, and the entire page plays automatically. Tap on the right arrow to move to the next page, and so on. A list icon connects users to all options in that edition. Tap on one, and the app flips to that page. Teachers can customize News2you for each student, changing the voice to male or female, making it slower, faster, higher, or deeper. There are four reading levels from Simplified to Advanced, plus a text-only option.

News2you is one program of many from the same developer that offers a variety of teaching tools and learning supports for students with disabilities.

News2you is a remarkable way to help students who receive disability support services expand their literacy skills, learn about the world, and get involved in the topics with discussion questions and activities. Along with Proloquo2Go, it forms a powerhouse combo that can help all students develop comprehension skills and express themselves. 

Social studies, current events, and other newsy tidbits are brought to life for beginning readers and students with disabilities. The symbols-based and voice-supported articles allow you to make adjustments to fit a student's unique needs. Since most kids love categorizing and organizing, this symbol system provides structure and predictability to words and ideas presented in the news stories. News2you may seem pricey, but its content is substantial, current, and fun. This one-of-a-kind, accessible, useful resource may also be helpful for kids who don't normally like reading.

The navigation is a little wonky, and it would be nice to see a bit more higher-order thinking incorporated, but overall this is a great foundation for introducing news-based conversations to students with disabilities or those just needing some extra scaffolding and support.

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Symbols help bring news alive. Related games and other activities provide extension opportunities.


The extension activities and discussion questions increase students' cultural awareness and deepen their understanding of each topic. Articles could offer more critical info.


A host of customizable settings help students learn at their own pace and in their own way. The articles and additional materials give teachers options for lessons.

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When A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I truly appreciate this application's practicality and constructive use in the classroom. This is an excellent tool for teachers to use to introduce reading analysis and comprehension to any student who struggles in areas of decoding or understanding when reading texts. News-2-You helps me as a teacher better serve their needs in the classroom by giving them a chance to visually dissect images that tell the same narrative story with the same content as a written article would. In this way, my students (or any student) have the chance to interact with both the content they are learning in my social studies classroom but also engage and practice reading news articles and current events to understand their larger purpose and meaning. However, this application may not be practical or feasible for every teacher in every classroom because of its limited age scope and proficiency levels. Likewise, the expense may not be something that every teacher or every student can spare.

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