Current Events for kids in a digital format!

Submitted 5 years ago
Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.
ITRT - Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
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Reading about current events comes to life with this interactive app! Students can choose to read articles about events that are taking place in their world. Reading levels for different grade levels can be set for students. The colorful pictures, catchy article titles, and interactive nature of the app make it possible for students to stay up-to-date and become better global citizens.

How I Use It

Students like to select the edition that they want to view and learn about current events in a user-friendly way. All it takes is one click to read an article which can be read aloud through the app. Students enjoy watching a video or slide show and can express their opinions in a poll. Articles have words in bold that can be clicked on to provide better understanding. In order to interact with the editor, save articles, or draw, then a user profile must be created through the app (first name, birthday, reading level and picture). This may be something to consider if there are going to be multiple-users on a device. Overall, News-O-Matic provides a nice current events platform for students.