Student Choice for Current Events

Submitted 9 years ago
Michelle  K.
Michelle K.
Instructional Technology Specialist
South Western School District
Hanover PA, US
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Current events in an engaging, interactive format! Teachers can project the articles for whole class debate and discussion or provide access to devices for student selection. We use the free version and it is working great!

How I Use It

This app has been wonderful in a third grade classroom. We use the app in structured small group settings and have students complete a graphic organizer or notes page for the article(s) they read. Other times, students are able to select the topics and then share what they learned with the class. Student choice is one of the reasons the students love the app. Teachers love that students are reading about topical information! The audio feature is helpful for students that struggle with reading. We love the built in vocabulary dictionary feature. The location feature is not working well in our district due to filtering issues.