Exploring the world is made easy with Kids National Geographic Website

Submitted 7 years ago
Jill H.
Jill H.
Elementary Computer Teacher
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My Take

This is a great website. The information is clear and easy to process. The students I teach ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade love seeing the pictures and playing the games. The search feature makes it easy to find information or students can click on the pictures to navigate the website. My youngest students had some difficulty navigating on their own to find games. They also would benefit from a read to you feature. Overall this a valuable tool for your classroom!

How I Use It

I had my 5th grade classes research a country. They had to locate information that they then used to create an informational brochure. There was a wide variety of countries for them to choose amongst. There were some countries that my students were interested in learning more about that were not part of the website. My kindergarten classes I let explore animals to learn more about ones they found interesting.