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The game Dung Beetle Derby is a waste of time. It makes a problem so you cannot pass even if you try a million times.

Everything in national geographic kids is amazing an I really liked it but it has a few problems.
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A fun way to introduce kids to the real world.

I loved reading some of the articles, and this is coming from someone that does not like to usually read. I got really hooked on the Endangered Species Act. It was user-friendly, engaging, and entertaining. The games were fun while also testing of knowledge, definitely a top website!
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Get everybody involved

There are tons of recommended activities supported by National Geographic Kids, including different grades and subjects that you can choose. With the interesting themes and cooperated pictures and videos to conduct a class, it is beneficial for both teachers and students to involved.
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Great website that makes learning easier for students

The quiz section worked as it provided a way for kids to interact with the lesson. They asked questions that interest kids, especially the quiz about sharks. Kids like to learn about animals in the first place already. The videos worked well also, due to the narration and the overalls style of the videos. They can be entertaining for kids and can keep them listening to the lesson.
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Highly Engaging

This website is highly engaging. Much of the information provided is accurate and good for students in and out of the classroom. Great resource!
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Love it

I love National Geographic and this app is a revelation for me. I think this app is great because it's free, fun, and most importantly suitable for all ages. Also, this app can be used to learn English as it is written in a clear and understandable way.
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This website is very helpful! My little cousins enjoyed the games offered and even learned about recycling!

I really enjoyed this website it was resourceful and educational. I liked that it was easy to use and navigate the tabs on top where very helpful. Not sure what I don't like since it was such an informative site.
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Beautiful educational website for students to learn about animals, habitats, and other science and social studies topics.

My opinion is that this is a great product for a teaching tool. It can support many aspects of your curriculum; from science to reading and writing. I love the engaging videos and beautiful pictures. I also like that it offers many resources and so much information. It would serve my students and my teaching better to use it when we write informational (All About) stories.
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Useful learning tools with a large variety that has something for every teachers preferences.

Large variety of videos as well as games that are very kid friendly. The interface is very user friendly and the content is ideal to get kids learning and learning well.
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This website is great for kids to learn more about the nature that surrounds them! Super engaging for young ones.

I think this is a great teaching tool to further teach children about a topic you may have researched or discussed in class together. It can serve the kids better because it is something different. This is very engaging and interesting to kids and can generate more interest in things relating to science and social studies.
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