Captivating website to explore the world's beautiful people, places, and animals.

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It's a great tool for introducing a new topic or as a way to deeper student understanding of a topic since much of the content is comprehensive and presents a global perspective. I like the video selections and the collaboration features which include being able to vote on opinion questions or post photos of your own.

How I Use It

What better way to explore the world's most captivating and beautiful animals, people, and places then through this colorful, interactive and engaging website based on the famous National Geographic organization. I use this website in so many different ways for learners of various levels and abilities in grade 1-5. The most frequent way I like using the website is for research. It's a safe, informative way to explore topics of all sorts from amazing animals to places all over the world. Specifically, when I teach about effective keyword searches I like using this website search bar to have the students practice finding web results based on keywords. I will provide the students with a topic of the day question and then they will use their keywords to research the question. The best part is that the content is usually available in text or video format so its engaging for all.

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