Great tool for your child and student

Submitted 8 years ago
Elizabeth J.
Elizabeth J.
Ona Elementary School
Ona WV, US
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My Take

I think the layout is great and the information is even greater. The videos provide a great tool for visual learners. I also like that you can add free play to the lesson or supplement learning with a break using mazes or other animal games.
The website reminds me a lot of an ipod in a way because it lets students browse the different sections and previews the material so they know what they are picking.
The best thing is you know your child is safe and learning!

How I Use It

This website is easy to sign up for a student or parent or even a teacher for a child. You create an account for the child and they have free access to the website. The website can be a great tool to add supplemental videos and knowledge to already created lessons.
I really like the amount of information in one place. I think there is so much to choose from you would never get bored.
The videos are very well created and provided with easy clicks to view a short video on a subject that is highlighted.
Students can pick and choose through a variety of headings including animals, videos, games and more.
Students can take quizzes on different subjects and test their knowledge. Students also can learn about different informational items that would be beneficial to them later in lessons, advanced grades and even for projects.
I really like the opportunity to allow students to choose what interests them.