Great website that has a lot of information on a variety of topics

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My Take

This is a very good teaching tool. I think that the formation that it has can be very useful to students and can enhance their learning experience. The topics that are on here are very informative and can be used in a variety of lessons. There are also many ways in which the resources on this website can be applied in the classroom. Whether it is for assigning homework, using for lessons, or finding information about some of the events that they host. Regardless of which way to use it, it is hard to go wrong.

How I Use It

I would use this resource by having students read what they have in the resource libraries about the topics on the website, and maybe assign questions on the topics. I think this could be used very well for homework assignments. They would also be useful to implement in a lesson in general. The resource libraries have lots of good information that you can use while teaching to your class.