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Essential for any science class

I have used National Geographic for it's documentaries in many subject areas such as life sciences, oceanography, and aquatic biology. It is also a good resource for students to gather information when performing research for papers and presentations. It is a very engaging source with cool multimedia links to videos, images, sounds and more.
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Take your students to nature

This is a great learning tool for any Biology class or life science class. I liked how many options this site provides for the students to explore the many parts of the world.
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Great tool for students who are interested in biology

I think it is an excellent tool for a science teacher to help teach students. I like how simple the software is and I also like how students can be able to access any subject about biology and geography.
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Great website that has a lot of information on a variety of topics

This is a very good teaching tool. I think that the formation that it has can be very useful to students and can enhance their learning experience. The topics that are on here are very informative and can be used in a variety of lessons. There are also many ways in which the resources on this website can be applied in the classroom. Whether it is for assigning homework, using for lessons, or finding information about some of the events that they host. Regardless of which way to use it, it is hard to go wrong.
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Perfect for teaching many subjects in science

I would like to have them add even more subject material. My students loved the pictures and the content very much.
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Take your kids outside of the classroom without leaving the classroom!

I love this website. It is so great to add into your teaching. I also love the breadth of the site. It is great to be able to incorporate different themes and cultures into our classroom. Many students don't get a chance to experience out of country opportunities and this is a great way for them too! I like that my higher students can use this as a way to enrich their learning on their own.
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Wonderful lesson activities for marine biology with higher level comprehension questions

The videos are very engaging, professional, and elaborate; long enough to illustrate the point but short enough not to lose kids' attention. It is a great supplemental tool to teaching different marine biology topics. It serves as long-term projects and need considerable amount of time (depending on the type of activity.)
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Excellent non-fiction text for students to explore.

National Geographic has high-interest text that exposes students to the real world outside of their classrooms.
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An amazing resource middle school science articles and videos.

National Geographic is an excellent teacher resource. The site provides teachers with relevant science articles and videos. The articles are sometimes difficult to read, though valuable.
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National Geographic has always been the pinnacle of social studies in the classroom.

It helps students explore the world.
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