Great field trip within the classroom!

Submitted 8 years ago
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I used this in my elementary self-contain unit for learning about animals and various other science concepts. You can really utilize this site because it is user friendly. The pictures and graphics make everything come to life. My students throughly enjoyed the site and would ask for it repeatedly. I as a teacher loved sharing it with them because it wasn't just cartoon figures but real pictures. It is really easy to navigate and build into your lesson. They have ideas for you and you can break it down with subject and age level. It is just a really high quality site with boundless information. I really just love that the extension exercises you could do with your students. The pictures are just amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I just love it!

How I Use It

I taught students with special needs in a self-contained classroom. My students would often struggle with understanding what was real and what was fake or a cartoon. The National Geographic site was so great because I could show them real animal and real videos of tornados, and other various science concepts. There are also extension exercises that helped with further understanding. I would show the site on a big screen with all of my kids and we would look at pictures and if they had videos on the particular concept we were studying we would look at that. This was an extremely awesome tool in preparation for our field trip to the zoo. They also just have so many different types of subjects on the site and age appropriate videos, pictures, and activities. My kids loved to go on this site too when they had centers time.