It is okay! Could have been better.

Submitted 1 year ago
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It was not the best not the worst. For a parent, this site may not be has convenient as it would be for teachers. The videos seemed long (although they were not) but son was easily bored and distracted and I had to rewind the videos so he can get some important points. Not all kids learn the same and for many I am sure this would work wonders but my son has ADHD this just did not work for him. Offering more interactive tools to keep him engaged during shorter periods of times might have been more helpful. Also, the idea having to "unlock" videos seems a little off. Maybe offering a game for the student to pass a level in order to unlock of videos versus having parents/ and or teacher sending out emails about the site to unlock ONE video would be more convenient.

How I Use It

I would use this to open up a topic about what I will be teaching the class for that week. It is a good starter point that generalizes the specific subject of teaching.