Best Homeschool Purchase We Made!

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

It really gets the student thinking critically to try to solve these mysteries. I was a classroom teacher before I left to homeschool and HIGHLY suggest this resource for classroom teachers. I love it so much and will definitely be keeping this for as long as we can use it. I hope they add more content for older learners as my son grows because this curriculum is done in a way that draws the learner in and makes them a part of the process of discovery. That is what science is ALL about. I tried to think of any way to improve it, and I really can't.

Doug, if you are reading this.... Thank you.

How I Use It

I use this twice a week for homeschooling. It is my favorite purchase and definitely my oldest son's favorite so I use it for our core science curriculum. With only one learner, it works very well. However, it is designed with groups in mind and every mystery we have covered has had either group or partner instructions included. The lessons are pre-planned down to the supply list. (A drop-down menu allows you to select the number of students and it will generate the list numbers accordingly). There are slides with videos that give scenarios and questions that pique the interest of the student (and teacher!). I don't have to stress about science because I use this curriculum as it is designed (no improvements are needed, honestly) and let it do the planning for me. Additional readings are provided. The anchor phenomenons allow for plenty of extensions. I just gather supplies and implement. Simple.