Explosive volcanoes...and non explosive ones, unlock the mystery!

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Bottom line: a bit overwhelming. There's so much for kids to explore, they can easily get lost or lose their focus. But as a center, it is a fabulous tool. The kids remain engaged because there are so many different types of learning available on each topic. I would provide the focus question at the center, for each topic, so students do have something to keep referring back to.

How I Use It

I used this as a center in my classroom for studying volcanoes. We were reading about Volcanoes in our non-fiction study as well as in our Science curriculum. I used this in the digital center throughout the unit. Students had an opportunity to view the video about the mystery question : Why do some volcanoes explode and others not? They watched the video, and the closed caption feature was very helpful for my ELL's There were simple experiments that students could try at home, or use as a jumping off point for their Science projects for the Science Fair. I used the assessmet as an exit ticket, and the reading print outs as next steps in my reading groups. The enrichment reading was perfect for my high group.

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