It's No Mystery with Mystery Science

Submitted 6 years ago
Lori H.
Lori H.
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Troy Middle School
Troy MO, US
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My Take

I love Mystery Science as a teaching tool. It is very interactive and it integrates several modalities for different learning styles. Students are able to work at their own pace and units are also available for students to work on at home. (ie: homebound students or absent students) The video use "real world" examples to help students validate learning.

How I Use It

We use Mystery Science in the 2-1 technology classroom. Students access the lesson with a partner, watch the videos, and conduct their own experiments guided by the videos. Allowing students to work with partners supports cooperative learning and allows the teacher to become a facilitator while moving about the room. Students love to complete each section of the unit. They are able to work at their own pace and since each lesson has extensions, there are always more connections to make.

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