The language arts activities are great for reinforcement and fun to do! My students especially love Word Maker because they enjoy learning new words.

Submitted 4 years ago
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I love the language arts activities, especially Word Maker, Cloze Reading, and ABC Order. The activities can be used for reinforcement of key skills, and are extremely effective because the students enjoy them. I particularly like the option of creating your own word list as well as having the ability to make corrections in some of the games. When playing Word Maker, it would be helpful to have a dictionary link for words that students might not know.

How I Use It

Using my presentation station (computer and screen), I demonstrated how to complete the activity. Then students did the activity on their iPads. I went from table to table checking on their progress and answering any questions. When we used Word Maker, I had to show students how to lower or increase the number of letters in a word. It was not clear that you had to press See Results and Play Again to be able to change the number. Some of the students wanted to have a greater range of numbers, such as 3-10.