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Kids Love It

Great product
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Mr. Nussbaum for the win!

I love this site ! Whether I am looking for expanding knowledge or introducing, this site hits it all. I appreciate the reading selections, the interactive pieces and the expanded information.
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The language arts activities are great for reinforcement and fun to do! My students especially love Word Maker because they enjoy learning new words.

I love the language arts activities, especially Word Maker, Cloze Reading, and ABC Order. The activities can be used for reinforcement of key skills, and are extremely effective because the students enjoy them. I particularly like the option of creating your own word list as well as having the ability to make corrections in some of the games. When playing Word Maker, it would be helpful to have a dictionary link for words that students might not know.
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My students love this website!! It is fantastic. Great tool for practicing for standardized tests

I think that this website is very useful in a computer lab environment. Teachers and students can choose lessons that will help them master a specific skill or content. The only thing that I don't like is the huge amount of advertising, but I understand the reason for it!
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Amazing Site with Unlimited Resources has a game or resource for every kind of learner for every age. In my opinion, it is the best free educational resource for elementary teachers and students. While the site features over 100 engaging games, the vast majority of the site features interactive research modules, maps, and leveled literacy activities such as Reading Comprehension Modules (including those that focus of main idea, contextual vocabulary etc.), math workshops (such as Envision Division, Age of the Angles, and Sushi Fractions among others) and other apps where kids can make their own content such as maps, stories, and more. It also is organized by subject, grade level, or by standards and offers teachers thousands of printable or online activities for free. Most activities are iPad friendly ---- no downloads or purchasing apps (although there are apps for sale) Our favorite activities are Collage America, Envision Division, Drag n Drop Math and Cash Out to name just a few.
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