Great app for those new to coding

Submitted 9 years ago
St Mark's School of Texas
Dallas TX, US
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My Take

Overall, this is a good app for teaching lower and middle school kids to code, but there are free apps that do the same. I liked the option to create your own programs and share them, something the other apps and websites don't offer. While LOGO may not be the best language to begin with, it gets kids thinking about processes.

How I Use It

I loaded the app on iPads and had my 6th grade class work at their own pace. Even though it is geared towards lower school kids, we used the app to introduce coding as part of the Computer Science Education Week to introduce coding to kids. Most kids were able to open the app and start working without any issues. A few needed some basic directions on how to start. If I were to use this app again I would review the directions with the entire class online before starting so we use all the class time working in the app and not trying to figure out how to use it.