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Moshi Kids: Sleep & Meditation

Outstanding collection of original audio stories promotes SEL

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Health & Wellness

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, Android, Kindle Fire

Pros: Includes endearing characters, beautiful illustrations, engaging stories, and amazing audio recordings.

Cons: Overwhelming at first when navigating through content between the app and website.

Bottom Line: Must-have, free, comprehensive audio resource that promotes way more skills than sleep.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Moshi Kids: Sleep & Meditation is an enormous collection of audio recordings that includes nature sounds, music, stories, and even guided meditations to help kids calm down, relax, and hopefully even fall sleep when the time is right. Teachers can select stories and meditations based on specific skills that guide social- emotional learning in their lesson plans; such learning may improve emotional control, empathy, problem-solving, transitions, and self-awareness. The ability for teachers to sort stories and music by theme, category, and timeframe, both online and in the app, will be helpful for teachers who just need something quick or who are designing a more detailed lesson plan. 

The website features downloadable lesson plans, articles, and classroom management ideas featuring the Moshi characters. Teachers can send these home to parents in emails, newsletters, or a backpack. At daycares or early childhood settings with kids who take naps, teachers have a variety of audio options to incorporate into their daily routines to promote more restful nap times. Overtures, jazz tunes, and symphonies may offer calming classroom background noise during individual work times. For teachers who educate kids with autism or ADHD, a short five-minute meditation may be a helpful way to help kids cope when they are struggling with their emotions.

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It includes beautifully illustrated, large thumbnails in organized categories, and a user-friendly interface. Customized profiles and playlists allow for quick access to favorites. New content is uploaded weekly.


Social-emotional lessons are carefully embedded within the audio stories. Lesson plans and downloadable activities with the characters reinforce and allow for in-depth exploration of skills like mindfulness, self-awareness, problem-solving, and empathy.


Website articles, lesson plans, and coloring pages  can enhance student learning and be shared with parents. Sort customizable playlists by length, theme, and social-emotional learning category. WhatsApp and Facebook groups are a support resource.

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