Works well with students who already know letters and letter sounds

Submitted 7 years ago
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Would work good in reinforcing and practicing what is being done in the kindergarten classroom, and would work well as a center activity. Advanced students could use this as enrichment in the beginning of the year, then other students could begin to use it as well as they learn their letter sounds. In first grade this would be great for remediation and practice for students who still struggle with their letter sounds.

How I Use It

This app runs smooth and has a lot of educational value, especially for kids who already know their letters and letter sounds. Those who do have a great time playing the various phonetics games. However, the only part of the app a student who doesn't know their letter sounds yet can really use is the "I Spy" in which the reader reads and shows three pictures, then asks which ones starts with a particular sound. However, there were a few confusing ones. For instance, in one simulation it showed a "rod," a "chin," and a "snail"- then asked which one started with the "k" sound. Technically, none did.
Also, in the storybarding part of the app, students worked so hard in building some sentences- but then there was nothing to do with it, except bring it to me to read. I would have thought that once a child finished they would click a button and it would be read to them.
Some definite pros, but some serious cons as well.