Best Online Tool for Special Education Individualized Learning

Submitted 1 year ago
Cahuenga Elementary
Los Angeles CA, US
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My Take

I love Moby Max.It is such a good tool especially for Special Education students. It allows for students to work at their level. With so many other programs, they are not able to work independently, but with Moby Max because I can have them take a placement test, it caters lessons to exactly what they need. I have seen so much progress in the past and currently with the program. They also like to use it. It is easy, intuitive. They get super excited to earn badges, certificates and game time.
I also like the feature of being able to see real time what they are working on and being able to send them feedback. I don't remember that feature from before.

How I Use It

I use this to help individually reach my students needs. I have a mixed special education class of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. This product is amazing. It starts with a test of their skills and then tailors lessons to meet those needs. Students are able to work on skills that we do not always get to touch on or reinforce in class. I can also tailor lessons based on their IEP goals so it is a great tool to reinforce and have students work on those individual goals. I love that I can track students progress in real-time as well. Students enjoy it especially being able to earn rewards, badges, and game time.