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I'm not sure if other teachers should use it.
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Bad System breaks everytime needs to be worked on

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Moby max, the replacement I-Ready?

Use it, ah and also, it is driven to make kids be EXITED to do it, like if you set up it where you have to get points for a class party, they WANT to get those points, or towards game time, its great
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MobyMax is an awesome resource used to differentiate learning for all students.

MobyMax is an excellent resource l to differentiate learning for all students. MobyMax allows challenges students above level and on level students as well as remediates students below level. Students set goals with MobyMax and are able to celebrate learning gains. The games are a great incentive and my students enjoying playing them as well.
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Perfect tool for individualized lessons to enhance student progress

MobyMax is a very useful resource because it helps me differentiate for my students. The placement tests help me to determine what skills that my students are missing and on which skills they are proficient. The lessons are catered to student need.
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Best Online Tool for Special Education Individualized Learning

I love Moby Max.It is such a good tool especially for Special Education students. It allows for students to work at their level. With so many other programs, they are not able to work independently, but with Moby Max because I can have them take a placement test, it caters lessons to exactly what they need. I have seen so much progress in the past and currently with the program. They also like to use it. It is easy, intuitive. They get super excited to earn badges, certificates and game time. I also like the feature of being able to see real time what they are working on and being able to send them feedback. I don't remember that feature from before.
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Great for each individual student!

My name is Tyler Ayers and I am a special education teacher at Pleasant View Elementary. I believe that MobyMax is a great way to get students started with the math lesson for the day. I use the fact fluency for 5 minutes each day and then have students work at their own pace and ability level for math. I do this each day before starting math out of our math series!
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Great Tech Tool for the Classroom

I am a new teacher and MobyMax has been such a helpful tool that I can implement easily without a lot of planning. I am able to focus more on learning the content I am teaching. With MobyMax I can track my students' progress. I can see what skills they are being successful with and the best part is that Moby motivates the students all on its own. Students love earning badges and game time. I use the Reading Informational, Reading Literature and Language tabs most often.
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Great Differentiated Learning Tool

MobyMax is a wonderful tool to differentiate learning for all students. Since it meets the students at their level, it challenges students above level and on level students as well as remediates students below level. MobyMax allows me to set goals with my students and celebrate their success with them. My students love the games they earn which is an incentive for them to do their best!
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Great for Goal Setting

Fantastic tool for differentiation!
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