Great tool for filling in learning gaps!

Submitted 11 months ago
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This is a great resource for helping kiddos fill in any gaps that they may have, particularly in Math, but this program provides a full K-8th grade curriculum in most other subjects as well. I would highly recommend it to teachers (especially those like me that were short on time, but expected to make extra lesson plans) that work with struggling students. Great product overall!

How I Use It

As a former teacher, my school used this as a tool in intervention. Even though I was a music teacher, I have ESL EC-6 Generalist certification, so my ability to work in a general ed classroom was often utilized to help kiddos that needed a little extra help to get caught up. With Math in particular, I was able to work with our computer lab teacher to find and assign lessons to each individual student to help them make further gains in the areas in which they struggled.