Standards based, takes the guesswork out of Differentiating Instruction and RTI

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MobyMax takes the guesswork out of differentiated instruction. I love that I can set each student up with a placement test and they are given lessons to reinforce their missing standards. I can check on their progress, print their standards proficiency data, and even customize lessons or create IEP goals directly from their site. If you work with special ed or struggling learners, the customization that MobyMax offers is outstanding. I can change the passing percentage, I can include read-aloud sounds, I can add a student's IEP goals and it will track their proficiency for each standard goal they have. It's easy to see where a student is struggling and then pull problems and lessons from the MobyMax curriculum for remediation or intervention. Especially, reading and ELA intervention where you can specifically assign reading skills lessons or reading passages to test the student's comprehension skills, phonemic awareness, basic decoding skills, and vocabulary development. Since it is a K-8 curriculum, it works great in elementary schools and for students who are performing below grade level but it can also provide advanced and gifted students with material above their grade level. The website is safe and all my personal information is guarded carefully, and my students do not have any ability to message any user besides their teacher.

How I Use It

I've used MobyMax for one-on-one instruction before and for small group instruction. The program creates an individualized learning plan for each student and I can comfortably have a mixed grade level classroom all working on their MobyMax at the same time. I start every student off with a placement test, this determines their grade level and what standards they are not proficient in. Once the placement test is done, I have the students work on 20 minutes of foundational reading, as I circle the room and provide individual support for students as needed. At the end of the week, I check on student progress and print out their Student Dashboards for parent conferencing or team meetings. The amount of data that is available makes MobyMax a great tool to use for RTI. I also use this for homework and tell students to complete a lesson or a specified amount of time in a module and then I'll check their scores the next day. If they failed a lesson, I reassign it with just a few clicks and I find a way to include explicit instruction or small group instruction for the week on the failed standards.