Honestly, Mobymax is one of the worse online learning apps I've seen. I can't fit all of the issues but, Mobymax doesn't grade properly. you get 8/9, mobymax rates it 75%. If the app doesn't know basic math then why should it be teaching the next gen?

Submitted 2 years ago
john d.
john d.
Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas - Centennial Hills
Las Vegas NV, US
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Overall, don't use it if you can help it. Honestly mobymax is not helpful. Often kids scroll through all of the questions and once they take the test they bomb it. This is especially an issue since practically every teacher I've met uses it. It doesn't help kids learn, it just teaches them how to avoid work and not pay attention.

How I Use It

I myself am not a teacher but who's better words to hear from other than one of the people being affected? My teacher uses it for our grade. As I brought up earlier, that's an issue since mobymax cannot grade properly.

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