When I ask my students if the like MobyMax they say they hate it. When they are working on the learning platform, I have to walk around the room to explain the skills. At any given moment there are 5-10 hands raised. I know about the lesson player button.

Submitted 2 years ago
M. L.
M. L.
Chestnut Ridge Middle School
Fishertown PA, US
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This doesn’t seem to be effective for struggling learners. It cannot be used as an independent learning activity while I work in small groups. It makes my job harder because I have to react to many different lessons at one time rather than assigning the same lesson to a small group and let students work together to figure it out. Students need 1:1 and small group work. Teachers can find and correct confusion. MobyMax can only tell the student if they are right or wrong and play pre-recorded lessons. It can not identify misunderstandings and explain to the students exactly what made their answer wrong and how to fix it.

How I Use It

I attempt to, and have observed other teachers use the benchmark tests and lessons. The growth or no growth shown on these do not closely correlate with what we see in the classroom.

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