Moby Max use for whole class with individual goals

Submitted 3 years ago
Kristi S.
Kristi S.
Jefferson Middle School
Olympia WA, US
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I had all my students use Moby Max this year. I set up accounts chose 3 topics (ELA related). Then, I paid a fee of 89.00 for the year for all 150 students in my classes.
Since I was on a budget, I didn’t spend additional money to get the pretest/assessment to level kids. We all started around a 3rd or 4th grade level and went from there. As students worked, Moby Max goes “up and down” with the difficulty of the questions until they key in on the reading level of each individual student.
This program was great for 20 minutes here or there (maybe twice a month). For my sixth graders, it can be a bit repetitive if you were to work on Moby every day or even every week. I really liked that my high level readers as well as my low level readers could challenge themselves. In a large group of thirty students, it’s very difficult to challenge every kid at their level. Additionally, some lessons just start out too difficult for some of the lower readers.
Overall, I found it a good tool to use on occasion. It reinforced concepts we’d been working on in class and provided extra practice. Some parents had students complete more lessons at home and I sometimes held competitions for who could log in the most time out of class in a week. I’d recommend it for use along with the “regular” curriculum as something to help solidify and improve learning.