MobyMax is an efficient, student-driven website to assist teachers in small groups, RTI, and test prep.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

While I know that this product won;t meet everyone's needs, I found it very useful for what I needed. I am looking into using it in other areas of my teaching this coming year and I am hoping I will be just as thrilled as I am now. It was easy to use for both my students and myself. They were engaged all year long and were able to help new students learn the ropes.

How I Use It

Two years ago I taught second grade. I only had 13 in my class so I would pull kids during AR time to do a minute of flashcards a day and log how they improved. This year my school expanded and I moved up to the third grade. I had 20 students in my class and I knew they would need to give special attention to multiplication and division. I asked the fourth grade teacher at my school what she recommended since I didn't have the time to do flashcards with all of my students (I didn't have an aide to help). She suggested MobyMax. It was quick and easy to start my students with the Fact Fluency section. The website automatically updates their deck with new facts to learn. You can set it up so that it will only give them a few seconds to respond. Once my class had spent some time with multiplication, I was able to set up MobyMax to only ask them multiplication and division questions. It was easy and my students spent ten minutes a day working on Fact Fluency. I had both SPED and advanced students working with the program.
This summer, I am looking into other ways to use MobyMax in my classroom. I am excited to implement the Spelling List into my homework choice board as well as vocabulary. I really like how MobyMax provides data and graphs for student binders and parent/teacher conferences. I also liked how it showed you the number of problems and minutes the student practiced per session so you knew quickly who was working and who wasn't.