Great tool for assessing students academic gaps in their learning and continued lessons inside/outside the classroom.

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Kimberly J.
Kimberly J.
Vice Principal
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My Take

I think this a great teaching tool. I like that MobyMax has taken the guess work out of user creating their own assessment/learning tool by grade level. It is to ensure the appropriate lessons are applied to the appropriate grade level. However, I think the option of creating a specific lesson for the different subjects would be beneficial.

The students would have a fun way of completing lessons and MobyMax guide students into a lesson that would help them bridge the gap in their understanding. One feature I like is the option to have the question and answer choices read to the student. It can specifically help students who struggle with reading and reading comprehension.

I would like to see MobyMax enhance the ease of use with navigating the website as an administer. I would like to see more quick links to jump to different areas of the website. For example, if I am viewing a teacher’s class assessment in math and want to view a different teacher, I have to select the home button to view a different teacher. It would be more accessible to easily navigate to a different section of the website instead of always selecting the home button. This may change if we choose to pay for a subscription.

I would definitely like to see all the capabilities of MobyMax and recommend it for use in our school.

How I Use It

I am new to MobyMax however, a few of our primary teacher, K-4th grade, use MobyMax. I am an administrator. So, my review is based on navigating the website and the understanding the reports. We currently are you using the free version of Moby Max. With the free version, there are functions not available to the user.

Most of the teachers use MobyMax as an assessment tool to gauge students’ learning gaps. They also use this technology tool as homework assignments to continue the learning process outside of the classroom.

I use this tool to monitor teachers use of technology into their lesson plans and as an assessment tool for students.
We have not limited our teachers on the type of technology assessment they use in their class. So, a few of the teachers have taken advantage of this tool.

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