Common core product, don't waste your time. Get a product that uses common sense, will get you a lot further.

Submitted 6 years ago
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You use common core- automatic NO!! imagine how much money you would get just by using common sense, homeschoolers would jump on it!!, you lost us all

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It wouldn't work with any, it's common core, not common sense. My child was doing great with it, but then i started looking at her lessons....i'm sorry, you don't need that number line and stuff to add...just use common sense... you're wasting time and just confusing her. I thought you guys were smarter than that, very dissappointing as I was about to buy next year and will have to look elsewhere... all grades, gone. you lost a lot by not using your head. I used it as a sole curriculum, but why bother if you're wasting time like that and just confusing them. I explained it in a few minutes. no time lost

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