MobyMax- Standard-based, independent practice

Submitted 6 years ago
Michele B.
Michele B.
Key Largo School
Key Largo FL, US
My Rating

My Take

I'm still reviewing the materials for specific areas of ELA, but I really enjoy how Reading is broken down into separate focus areas (Reading Level Assessment, Reading Skills with Informational text, Reading Fiction & Non-fiction, Vocabulary, etc.
From what I have learned the added assignments are valuable resources as well.
My students seem to be scoring at a higher, reading grade level on MobyMax compared to other competitive reading programs.

How I Use It

Presently I have been using it with an intensive reading group. Student progress can be tracked for RTI and IEP documentation.
I liked how easy it was to enroll students. Student information can be shared with other teachers.
Students loved the wall, vibes, messages, and game time (features of the premium account) and this could be used as a PBS monitoring tool as well.