Great tool for remediation and reinforcement of basic skills in core classes.

Submitted 7 years ago
Heather B.
Heather B.
Shady Spring High School
Shady Spring WV, US
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My Take

My overall opinion of Moby Max is that it is a beneficial tool for both students and teachers. The abilities of the program to help the students review and improve upon core skills is a wonderful remedial tool especially for students with special needs. Not only can the teacher monitor progress, but the students can be held accountable and monitor themselves as well. I believe I have used the Moby Max tool at the Augmentation level of the SAMR model. If the application were to allow students the ability to communicate with each other or the teacher in real time this would allow it to move up a level on the SAMR model as well as being helpful to problem solve or guide the students when they are having trouble.

How I Use It

In the special needs or resource classroom, this tool is used to help our lower students bridge the gap to grade level performance. You are able to pick different core areas to work in. It also has a built in assessment that allows the program to adjust to student performance. An extra feature that really benefits the struggling reader is the read aloud section. The assessments from this program also allow me to see student progress and approximate grade level performance to be able to assist in IEP writing and progress monitoring.

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