Best thing to use to mix up the lessons and is self paced.

Submitted 7 years ago
Frances B.
Frances B.
Capital High School
Charleston WV, US
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My Take

I love it for my special education students. They can work at their pace and are able to learn badges. MobyMax works as a Substitution for some applications such as math, but reaches the Augmentation part of SAMR in the RLA portion of learning. As for completely redesigning and making any modifications to a students learning it gives instant feedback and correction as well as redirection, where as doing the same work on paper will take more time.

How I Use It

I use this in my class as way to mix things up in the classroom. The assignments are self paced and allow the students to do math and reading in a similar context as their state testing. I am able to see results of their work and reset the sections that needs redone. This also allows me to know what they need and that I may need to teach or reteach. The system is scaffolded so that they don't advance until they master the level.