Revolutionary War Role-Playing Game with Different Perspectives

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I really like using this product with my students. As a teacher of US history, it is important for students to be engaged in the learning. My students really liked and the game and immediately asked if we were going to do the other game (there are now two games but the new game is a recent addition).

How I Use It

My students played all five sessions, and I used some of the teacher resources. There are a lot of teacher resources including vocabulary resources, pre-watching resources, and primary source resources. The key for me was to make sure that my students were drawing connections between the game and the content without making the game less engaging. For this reason, I only used some of the teacher resources. Students used the game mostly in school though some had to finish their session at home. The game is flash-based, and so occasionally we had difficulties with all 25 students playing the game at the same time.