Great for teaching 21st century skills

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

Minecraft is an effective tool for students that supports personal learning as well as collaborative learning. By using Minecraft Edu, there are opportunities to incorporate content and material that can correlate and support instruction. I struggled getting comfortable with the game in the beginning, therefore I would likely only use this with middle to high school aged students. The content areas that are available to incorporate are more suited for higher education. For example, learning about computer science/coding and chemistry would not fit well in early childhood curricula. In order for it to be effective, teachers must closely monitor the students to ensure that they are not distracted and off task. It should probably also be used in moderation, as students could possibly become addicted to the game.

How I Use It

Although Minecraft does not necessarily teach content to students, it would be a great resource for students to obtain relevant 21st century skills. During the game, students have the opportunity to be creative with what they build, collaborate with each other to solve problems, think critically through situations, and practice digital citizenship. It is relatively simple to navigate and does not take long to set up, therefore a variety of children would be able to use it.