Very engaging! Although the controls are difficult to learn, the kids seemed to catch on quickly. The freedom of moving around the minecraft world with an avatar was enjoyable for the students as well.

Submitted 3 years ago
Kristi M.
Kristi M.
White Oak Middle School
Cincinnati OH, US
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My Take

I feel Minecraft has endless opportunities. From digital citizenship, creative writing tool, 3-d replicas of structures, and even coding, there are many ways to engage children. I feel that Minecraft could benefit from a more user friendly controls system. Otherwise, it's a wonderful tool that is popular and engaging, and kids can definitely use it to learn.

How I Use It

I would use Minecraft to reinforce and teach digital citizenship. Minecraft allows students to work together as a team, work in competitive ways, and solve problems together. Teachers are able to observe students interactions and give feedback when needed. Teachers can also use Minecraft as a tool to strike up discussions and hold restorative circles that encourage supporting others while collaborating as a team.