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Great tool!

Love it! It is great, it gives the opportunity for the teacher to create different assessments that can be used to find out the student's learning and if give feedback to the teacher during the online time.
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Minecraft Education Edition: A glimpse at the future of teaching [For an Assignment!]

Overall, if the game can be utilized properly, which varies in difficulty according to who the students are, their grade-level, and class size, then everything else is great. So long as the teacher learns how to use the game to its best advantage, Minecraft Education Edition provides a plethora of tools that anyone can use, whether it be for a Language class, English, History, Math, or Science. The game can utilize immersive visuals to teach historical or political events. It can be played in other languages, with the option to toggle between them with ease, to teach those languages. It can teach coding, math, and technical skills, and even has the option to learn chemistry with actual elements and chemicals. Overall, from a pedagogical perspective, the game embodies the 4C's, SAMR, and the TPACK Framework. It redefines lessons, and reinforces creativity and encourages creation, and it perpetuates Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.
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Great for engagement!

My sense is that this tool isn’t necessarily meant to teach kids anything new. It is mostly just to allow them to explore topics they are already familiar with in a fun and creative way. As long as it is used as a reinforcer and not a way to construct new knowledge, I see no issues with it. Kids also love Minecraft; personally, I haven’t met a single middle schooler that doesn’t. Even a more restricted version of the game, then, will effectively peak their interest and make them more eager to engage with the lesson material.
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Minecraft: Education edition combines cooperation, logic and creativity to create well-rounded students.

This is a sufficient supplemental tool in teaching and should be used in tandem with lessons. It is a great community building program and gives students a feeling of independence and importance.
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They don't sell Minecraft Education Edition for homeschooling education

They don't sell Minecraft Education Edition for homeschooling education:
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Very engaging! Although the controls are difficult to learn, the kids seemed to catch on quickly. The freedom of moving around the minecraft world with an avatar was enjoyable for the students as well.

I feel Minecraft has endless opportunities. From digital citizenship, creative writing tool, 3-d replicas of structures, and even coding, there are many ways to engage children. I feel that Minecraft could benefit from a more user friendly controls system. Otherwise, it's a wonderful tool that is popular and engaging, and kids can definitely use it to learn.
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Great way to get students excited about learning

Great product that kids respond well to. A bit of a learning curve for me to set up but students seem to get it much more easily. The only drawback is lack of data to collect as far as student performance.
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Love the creativity

I would like to see it used before I decide. I can see the ways that this would help students visualize historic settings.
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Learning with Games

I like that they are able to to express their creativity, while still learning. It's a fun way to express what you have taught them, and a good way to build a collaborative classroom. I would have used the arrow keys for movement because it makes it a little confusing.
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Immersive and engaging way to get students excited about learning. Sneakily educational!

Knowing how kids love using Minecraft for entertainment, I am excited to see that the game has been modified for use in the classroom. The designers made it easy for teachers to adapt the game for their purposes, and for students to excel in class using their creativity and problem-solving skills.
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