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Formative Assessment, Instructional Strategies, Lesson Planning

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Pros: An extensive templates library offers great starting points for lessons in ELA, math, science, and social studies.

Cons: Learning how everything works -- and how to utilize the tools for effective teaching -- can be time-consuming.

Bottom Line: This platform's vast lesson library gives teachers a valuable head start and offers tools for student engagement.

Teachers can use MimioConnect to create engaging slideshows or as a base camp tool for supporting and delivering distance learning. In a distance learning or 1-to-1 classroom setup, teachers can add a level of interactivity to their slideshows as well as receive real-time feedback on how well their students are grasping the material. Teachers will want to browse the large library of premade lessons and quizzes, though many of those will probably need some editing to satisfy the particular needs of a teacher's class. The library includes material for ELA, math, science, and social studies, but teachers could use this tool for any subject.

Though it's not really designed for in-person presentations, teachers could also use it to share information in class if they want to use some of the features, such as spotlighting parts of a slide. Since you can upload content from Google Drive, teachers could also have students share files, upload them, and then turn the controls over to a student to present. You could also create lessons as reminders around specific concepts to assign as needed, for students to access at home. Frequent slideshow presentations for in-person learning isn't likely to get students excited, but strategic lessons rich with multimedia add-ons, interactive pieces, and thought-provoking questions can be engaging here and there.

MimioConnect helps teachers create and deliver interactive presentations and assessments for distance or in-person learning. It has premade lesson plans in ELA, math, science, and social studies for kindergarten through high school, which teachers can also edit to meet their own needs. Or, teachers can create their own lessons from scratch. The backbone of the lessons is a basic slideshow presentation, but MimioConnect allows teachers to embed videos, images, audio clips, interactive learning tools, quizzes, polls, and more. Teachers could use the lesson with a smartboard in the classroom -- or lessons also have video or chat tools embedded directly in them to seamlessly present the material for distance learners. Students signing in remotely use a special code to access each individual lesson live or on their own time. Assessment tools give immediate feedback on quizzes or polls. Teachers can also view class data or reports on student progress and engagement at any time. There's an active teacher forum for sharing ideas, successes, and issues, as well as a library of help videos and an option to ask for professional development sessions directly from the developer.

This lesson delivery tool gives teachers a ton of content, lots of functions, and great flexibility, though it may take some time to figure out how to use it all effectively. MimioConnect is set up as a comprehensive tool for supporting distance learning, with resources, easy connections to third-party digital tools and complementary platforms, lesson templates, assessment and reporting options, and embedded video and chat functionality. One drawback is figuring out all of the features, but once teachers take the time to orient themselves, they're likely to find that MimioConnect gives them what they need to deliver their remote lessons. And there's an active support community, both through the developer and a community forum, which can be a great resource for teachers. While many similar platforms have overlapping features, what sets MimioConnect apart is the vast content library that teachers can explore and edit. Though content offerings are pretty dry without any alteration, they at least give teachers a starting point to cover a lot of commonly covered material.

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Lessons can include text, images, videos, quizzes, discussion starters, and more. There are also interactive features to use during a lesson.


Interactive assessments help provide real-time feedback. It's easy to communicate with students through private or group channels. Lots of multimedia options to deepen learning.


Help menus, video tutorials, and a community forum provide teachers with lots of ideas and how-to support. A large content library offers premade, editable lesson plans.

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