Good for collaboration and flipped classrooms

Submitted 7 years ago
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I am using OneNote Class Notebook in my Digital Citizenship classroom. I place copies of all assignments, instructions, links, etc. for the students to access, and they place their work in it for feedback/grading. I personally use the desktop version because of the many additional features. If your students are able to utilize it, it is definitely superior! The online version does have a few disadvantages, but the basic functions are great and the best part is never having to keep track of papers. Students and teachers alike would benefit from some tweaks to the program's navigation as they have to go through several clicks to navigate back and forth between sections/pages. Many of my students open two copies so they can simply click the tab for the one they need. I also love the flexibility of the page layout, allowing me to give deeper and more meaningful feedback by typing or drawing virtually anywhere on their work. I feel that the product will continue to improve in functionality and plan to continue its use in my classroom.

How I Use It

OneNote is a virtual binder with a collaborative twist. By using OneNote Class Notebook, teachers can organize a notebook with assignments, links, and information for students. Students can view the teacher's "Content Library" and can copy items from it. There is a Collaboration space, where students and teachers can collaborate in real time, along with a "private" space for each student where they can take notes, place class work or homework assignments, etc. The teacher can also access this section for grading or feedback. A distinct advantage is having all assignments, work, and feedback in one location, and is excellent for absent students or "flipped" classrooms.