Great way for students to explore a wide variety of art!

Submitted 1 year ago
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Overall, I think this website is a fun way for students to connect with art online when they otherwise may not be exposed to this type of art in person. I love the "Time Machine" feature. This feature allows you to filter works by time period, location, and subject matter. This makes it much easier to find pieces related to the class subject matter for the teacher or for students to find pieces that capture their interests. Using this website allows students to access art in a way that would be completely different were it not for this valuable tool.

How I Use It

I would use this as a tool in the classroom to launch discussions about art and history. If you have a specific lesson planned about geography or history, you could navigate to a piece of art or two from the Museum that connects to that area of the world as a way to hook students into the lesson. Students could do individual work doing a scavenger hunt for different works in the museum or doing a deep dive into one specific piece that captures their interest.