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Great way for students to explore a wide variety of art!

Overall, I think this website is a fun way for students to connect with art online when they otherwise may not be exposed to this type of art in person. I love the "Time Machine" feature. This feature allows you to filter works by time period, location, and subject matter. This makes it much easier to find pieces related to the class subject matter for the teacher or for students to find pieces that capture their interests. Using this website allows students to access art in a way that would be completely different were it not for this valuable tool.
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Great educational app for grades 1-8!

I think this is a wonderful tool for art teachers. It compels students to extend their knowledge in art by not only watching what other kids in other cities are doing but by actually putting those concepts into their own art practice, curriculum and knowledge. Because this app can reach all students in the classroom, it differentiates critical thinking for the individual student thus putting every young artist on the same level and playing field. I would say the only cons of this app is that there is no parent or teacher feedback that can be emailed. However, this only promotes parents and teachers to have discussions and or watch the content with their student. This being the only con I would say this is a 5 star app for teachers and parents alike and I highly recommend using this at home and in the classroom.
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Incredible, interactive website for students, parents and teachers!

I think this website is a win in every way, for students, for teachers, for parents, for anyone interested in art and learning. It's fun, it's full of more information than I'll ever be able to access, it's useful in every subject imaginable. It's brilliant, beyond, just extraordinary!!!
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Great site for interactive learning about history or anthropology!

I really have no complaints with the site.
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Exciting exploration of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts

It was a great tool to use for Internet research. The information for each article is well laid out. They really liked listening to the audio with the different articles. They also liked the videos because they saw the kids were their age. The time machine was a fun option to that the students felt like they were actually traveling back in time. The main page was somewhat difficult to navigate for my lowest students. Some of the words were hard for the kids to read; an audio button would have been helpful. Overall this was a great tool to build a lesson upon!
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