Simple yet Strong Use for Math Fact Practice

Submitted 9 years ago
Laci M.
Laci M.
Broadmoor Elementary School
Lafayette LA, US
My Rating

My Take

This is a great simple resource for math fact practice. I think this is a strong resource to utilize in the classroom to help students practice their math facts. What I think is the strongest aspect of this resource is that it is very plain in visuals, which will prevent students from viewing it only as a game and will help them to treat this practice seriously. I do think it could possibly be a little more visually appealing, but I like the simple layout.

How I Use It

I plan to use it to help my students practice their math facts in multiple ways. I could use it in a center where students practice their math facts alone. I could also use it by pulling a small group of students and working with them together to practice their math facts. I would also love to use this with my students who get the concepts that we are currently working on to accelerate them during whole group instruction to prevent boredom.