Better suited for older students

Submitted 8 years ago
Darren D.
Darren D.
Cottonwood Creek Elementary School
Englewood CO, US
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Overall, Mathinary is more of a resource tool for students who may need to quickly locate how to solve a problem. Solutions and formulas can assist students in their understanding, but the overall user friendliness of the app prevents it from becoming a stand by tool for students. There are other tools available that offer a richer experience.

How I Use It

Mathinary is an educational tool or extension of math concepts for students. Most of the concepts are geared for upper level students at the secondary level, but can be used with advanced math elementary students. The app is easy to download and offers embedded formulas and calculators to assist students in solving problems. However, the app tends to have few problems for students to solve an opposed to providing information on concepts.The calculators give both explanations, intermediate results and the final results. The calculators are simulating how a person would calculate the result, by showing every step of the calculation including descriptions.