Works as well as a sheet of paper and pencil

Submitted 4 years ago
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Honestly, I would only use it if I wanted students to practice these skills outside of the classroom, away from tables and supplies. I think that this resource works just as well as a sheet of paper and pencil for practicing math. In fact, a pencil and paper may be better, since you can erase mistakes and try again. I feel like this application can easily be made better, by allowing second chances and having consistent levels of questions. This could be made into an adaptive technology, where questions get tougher for students who continuously getting correct answers.

How I Use It

Students can use this to practice and solve numerous addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems on a device. Basically, a problem is given and students can write the correct digits and show their work by drawing on a touch screen. If I were to utilize this, it would be as a practice tool. If I wanted to conduct the class outside, it would be easy for students to bring out tablets and practice. Although there are different levels of difficulty, it seemed like not all the problems in the particular category are of that caliber. Also, if you answered a question wrong, you were not able to retry it.