A math playground for brain breaks and homework.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I love this website. Lots of game choices. Students in grades K-6 can choose their favorite game and practice math skills. It seems more like play than math. You do have to deal with the ads, but the students don't seem to mind. At times, students do need help understanding what to do for different games. My students love helping each other. We even have game 'experts' that help others. I like the variety of levels and games to choose from. This website helps with individualizing learning for students.

How I Use It

I like to use this game for free exploration when students have finished their work. I also allow students to earn math playground time for good behavior and completion of goals. This is also a great website to use for homework. I ask my students to practice math facts each night. This is a great tool for review, preview, and extension of concepts. There is a Common Core Correlation to a variety of games..why not assign a game for homework? There is also a word problem section. My students really like Grand Slam Math. Give it a try!