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Math Playground is a popular learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles and a variety of problem solving activities. This site provides a save place for parents and teachers to explore different math applications

The only critique I have is that students are sometimes required to pay for the site.
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Although crowded with advertisements, the essential arcade style games engage middle school students while reinforcing skills in basic ratios and proportions.

I like the engagement. It is basic drill with friendly competition! I use if for reinforcement of class lessons.
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I really like this product for the kids because it has many fun games for them to play while learning at the same time!

I might not use this as a teacher tool, but I do like that it supports the learning that has taken place. It serves the kids because even when kids don't think they are proficient in math, they will play games from this site.
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Math games are aligned to the Common Core and word problems come alive with Thinking Blocks.

Math Playground is a great classroom support site. Content is organized by math topic on the home page and includes addition, multiplication, fractions, geometry, ratios, percent, and prealgebra. Other sections include math videos, word problems and logic games.
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This website offers students math skills in an arcade game style format so they are learning while "playing".

Parents ask for learning games. I highly recommend this website as students must use math skills in order to "PLAY" the games. For example, K students have to "decompose" numbers to add. The Kitten addition game has students select what makes a number (9= 2-7, 8-1, 6-3). The repetition enforces and strengthens basic facts. Much better than drilling with flash cards!
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Common Core math games

Math Playground has videos on subjects the students can watch for Math instruction. Some of the games are for practice, but many of the games create a deeper understanding of math concepts. I think the site promotes the kind of thinking that is expected with the new common core standards.
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Engaging Math, Overwhelming Site

This site has some great games for math practice, students really enjoy time on math playground. I like that there are a wide variety of games to choose from, something for every interest, there are also different game "themes" like logic, basic facts, etc...There are lots of ads so it's a little overwhelming at first, but students seem to adjust to the page quickly (more quickly than my tired eyes- LOL). As an aside, it's also a great site to discuss digital citizenship and how sites use advertisers to sponsor them so they can provide free service.
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A math playground for brain breaks and homework.

I love this website. Lots of game choices. Students in grades K-6 can choose their favorite game and practice math skills. It seems more like play than math. You do have to deal with the ads, but the students don't seem to mind. At times, students do need help understanding what to do for different games. My students love helping each other. We even have game 'experts' that help others. I like the variety of levels and games to choose from. This website helps with individualizing learning for students.
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Variety of activities students enjoy learning with and it raises the bar and challenges them and they move along.

I like the variety of activities covering a huge array of math skills and beyond. I see this website as a valuable tool to help introduce, develop, reinforce, or extend my student's math skills.
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Great company working on great games.

It takes some time for us to figure out how to use each game. After we do that, they are fun. I hope they keep adding to their collection and improve the games even more. I particularly like the Space Mission. I haven't felt this has hurt or increased my students' math skills. In order for this to really effective in the class the games need to be more user friendly and we need more app versions. This company is working hard though and I like how they help teachers.
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