Fun games play, though hard to sort through

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

The positive for this website is the amount of games available. Students can spend a lot of time here finding games that they enjoy. I really like that they have word problems. My students like the arcade where they can play against each other. If you take the time to go through the website you can find a game to practice most skills that you are teaching throughout the year.

The review made a lot of really good points about the problems with this website. It has a lot of ads, including one at the top that lists grade levels. You click on your grade thinking you will get games for that grade, instead it takes you to another site. Students often click on the ads and you have to redirect them. The games are not really organized by grade level, but by word problems, logic and arcade. Some games are much better than others.

How I Use It

I often use this website for early finishers. If we are already in the computer lab and they have finished an assignment, they can go on here and play what they want. They love this website and it is a treat to get to play. Sometimes I direct my students to go and play one particular game to work on a certain skill. It does take time for them to find the game. I have created a link to the particular game on our blog to make it easier for them.