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Price: Free, Paid
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Easily manipulate lines in some formulas, save favorites.

Cons: Finding a needed topic can be overwhelming; limited number of free and interactive formulas.

Bottom Line: A handy way for students and teachers to browse formulas, but interactivity is used too sparingly.

Math Interactive can be used by both teachers and students for quick reference to definitions, formulas, and proofs. When teachers would normally provide students with a reference sheet, now students can find the formula or equation they're looking for in the app. This is especially helpful for students who lose papers or have issues with executive functioning. Students can "favorite" particular formulas they need at any time for quicker access in class or at home. 

Math Interactive is a reference app that includes definitions and formulas for a variety of math subjects, ranging from fractions to trigonometry and everything in between. The formulas are color-coded by topic: algebra, functions, analytical geometry, calculus, geometry, and applied mathematics. Within some of the formulas, students can interact and manipulate components. For example, kids can move the line around a circle when studying about tangent to a circle. All formulas come with a description and an example, and the geometry-related formulas also include proofs. Only a limited number of formulas are available for free; however, the access to premium content is only $2.99.

The best part about Math Interactive is being able to manipulate parts of the formulas. It allows students to see how changing the location of a line will impact the solution. It would be even more helpful if there were more opportunities to interact with the non-geometric formulas. While students will have access to a large number of formulas at their fingertips, the free formulas -- and the limited number of interactive ones -- leave more to be desired.

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Allows students to manipulate parts of the examples in each section, but not every section can be used this way, and the manipulation is limited.


With lots of math formulas and some light interaction, teachers can perhaps replace their paper reference sheets. However, the organization of the topics could be overwhelming to some.


There's an information icon that includes an intro guide and contact email. However, the guide only highlights the key parts of the app and doesn't go into much detail.

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