Assessment tool with some positives, but lacking important features

Submitted 2 years ago
Michelle M.
Michelle M.
Magruder Elementary School
Williamsburg VA, US
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My Take

While it does have a great library of shared assessments, that is outweighed by the MANY drawbacks. Many of the assessment questions in their bank are only superficially aligned to our state standards and are not appropriate. While the paid version does include some great things like read-aloud, it is missing other features. There is no way to monitor student progress while they are working on the assignment (ie, I can't look and see that Johnny has been on question 6 for 20 minutes). A team of teachers cannot edit the same assignment- each teach must "clone" it. There is also no way to print out assessments that include technology enhanced items, which is a problem for some special needs students.

How I Use It

This assessment tool is designed to take the place of programs like PowerSchool. Ostensibly, it can be used for formative and summative assessments. It includes a variety of technology enhanced question types and has the ability for the central office to "push out" assessments. It links in with Canvas (our LMS) so you can give it as an assignment. There are many provided questions and assessments, and it includes the opportunity for your to print bubble sheets and tests (although those will not work with TEI questions).