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Horrible Website! Abysmal Organization! Incredible data!

This program was designed by a data genius who is organizationally incompetent. The website is one of the slowest website I've ever been on. The organization is comparable to navigating the attic of a hoarder. Finding the relevant data is an excursion into the unknown. Posting tests to students is always confusing even after 2 years of use. This is not a matter of tweaking things here and there. The whole site should be overhauled! It's horrible! I'd rather trek through a jungle with snakes than try to navigate MasteryConnect.
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Assessment tool with some positives, but lacking important features

While it does have a great library of shared assessments, that is outweighed by the MANY drawbacks. Many of the assessment questions in their bank are only superficially aligned to our state standards and are not appropriate. While the paid version does include some great things like read-aloud, it is missing other features. There is no way to monitor student progress while they are working on the assignment (ie, I can't look and see that Johnny has been on question 6 for 20 minutes). A team of teachers cannot edit the same assignment- each teach must "clone" it. There is also no way to print out assessments that include technology enhanced items, which is a problem for some special needs students.
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Awsome resource

I Love this and it takes away a lot of grading time
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This is a great product to use when analyzing student data student by student and by standard. It helps you see exactly where your students are in relation to mastery of standards.

I really like the visual aspect. This is a really nice way to have your students take tests online and get immediate results. They can see how they did and you can as well. You don't have to grade it individually and it automatically connects tests to standards and shows mastery, near mastery, or remediation and the corresponding colors.
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Great for looking up standards!

I like the resource section. It is set up much like Pintrest and has many resources that are available to access. I haven't used the learning community because it seems to be very limited. The assessments that I have tried to look into do not seem to be very valuable to me. If there was a way to have students do the assessments online and have immediate feedback of the standards they were missing I would be more likely to use this. Overall, I love the app for looking up and understanding CCSS however I think the rest of the site needs some improvements before it would be a useful tool for me.
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Collaborative Standards Based Grading Assessment Tool

MasteryConnect is a top notch resource for standards based assessment. I love how you can connect with other educators and all the resources via the resource pins and learning community. It's also a huge win in my book in terms of communication with all shareholders. Parents, administrators, the student and other teachers can all gain access,(if given), into the students test results. This a huge feature in allowing all shareholders to understand where a particular student is on a standard. Becoming more visible to all shareholders is a huge in education and MasteryConnect helps that visibility! The bubblescore system is a huge time saver for teachers. Bubblescore instantly grades multiple choice test for teachers. No more wasting time grading them by hand! If your looking for a tool that gives instant feedback on standards based tests this is a perfect fit for you!
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Social network style set up for teachers, easy-to-use tool for looking at CCSS strands, but shared assessments and resources posted are traditional fill-in-the-bubble tests vs. tests that allow opportunities for creativity, collaboration, & innovation

While I really applaud the idea behind the social network set-up of mastery connect and the opportunities to collaborate, it is not a site that will become part of my PLC because the assessments and other resources that are being shared are not of high quality. The set up of the tools on mastery connect are most conducive to scan-tron, fill-in-the-bubble, regurgitation-type tests, and those are the things that teachers are sharing on this website. The bottom line is that I love being able to easily pull out a strand of the common core standards using the mastery connect app, but the website tools will need to be geared more toward higher level thinking assessments and resources before it will be a useful collaborative digital tool that I add to my toolbox.
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Great Companion to the Standards Based Learning Classroom.

I really love this product because I can quickly provide feedback to my students. It has been a great companion in my classroom during out switch to Standards Based Learning. I also enjoy the fact I can search for top rated assessments created by other teachers. This product is limited, since multiple choice assessments are required, and obviously we want our students to work above multiple choice. However it is a fantastic tool for testing the waters to see how well students are understanding concepts.
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